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Minonk Fiber to Home

Construction in Minonk is now complete. Call our office or stop by to setup installation.

Our Fiber to the Home system will offer TV and high speed Internet to every home. Internet speeds and channels are subject to change, but the current packages are as follows:

Heartland Cable Packages:                               Monthly Cost

BASIC DigiChoice (no set top box, guide, HD or premium channels)                       $54.99

DigiChoice TV                                                                                                            $74.99


DigiChoice TV & 50 Mb Internet                                                                                $99.99


DigiChoice Plus TV                                                                                                    $89.99


DigiChoice Plus TV & 50 Mb Internet                                                                      $114.99


DigiChoice Plus Everything (All Premium Movie Channels)                                    $159.99


DigiChoice Plus Everything & 50 Mb Internet                                                          $184.99


Individual pricing for premium channels available upon request.


Internet Only:                                                      Monthly Cost


25 Mb Down / 5 Mb Up                                                                                               $49.95


50 Mb Down / 10 Mb Up                                                                                             $59.95


75 Mb Down / 15 Mb Up                                                                                             $79.95


100 Mb Down / 25 Mb Up                                                                                           $89.95


For speeds over 100 Mb and synchronous service, please call our office for details.

Phone service also available, please call our office for details.

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